Our Loans

The interest-free loans provided by Jewish Free Loan are possible because of the generosity of our donors – many of whom have chosen to establish Named Loan Funds to support the provision of loans in a certain category.  If you do not see a loan category that matches your financial need or your area of interest, please contact us at the JFL office: (602) 230-7983.

Named Loan Funds can be established with a minimum donation of $20,000 (payable over a four-year period). For information about establishing a Named Loan Fund, please contact Aviva Levine, JFL’s Development & Outreach Associate, at (602) 230-7983 or [email protected]


  • Fran & Al Sachs Jewish Adoption Loan Fund


  • Jewish Community Burial Loan Fund
  • Sylvia & Max Rubenstein Memorial Burial Loan Fund


  • Nestor & Susan Guzman Families in Crisis Loan Fund
  • Talia & Mitch Katz Emergency Loan Fund
  • Keren Or Loan Fund
  • Mesa Family Emergency Loan Fund
  • Rabbi Morton Malavsky z”l Memorial Loan Fund
  • SaraRuth & Bob Rossow Women and Children in Crisis Loan Fund
  • Randy and Steve Weiss Emergency Crisis Loan Fund
  • Robert & Sheila Curwin Family Emergency and Crisis Loan Fund
  • William N. Ebersman Loan Fund for People in Crisis
  • Women and Children in Crisis Loan Fund

EDUCATION – Jewish & Secular

  • Daron and Ron Barness Family Foundation College Education Loan Fund
  • John Blutarsky Education Loan Fund
  • Jerry and Annette Brezner Memorial Education Loan Fund
  • Leonard and Phyllis Friedel Theatrical Arts Loan Fund
  • Geyser Family Education Loan Fund
  • Jean and Harold Grossman Jewish Day School Loan Fund
  • Jewish Preschool Loan Program
  • Mehl Memorial Student Loan Fund
  • Dr. Irving and Elaine Shapiro Jewish Education Loan Fund
  • Senkfor Family Educational Loan Fund
  • Klemens and Herta Stuckgold Education Loan Fund
  • Arlene and Mike Treger Education Loan Fund
  • Hilary and Jake Tucker Education Loan Fund


  • Jewish Community Disability Assistance/Special Needs Loan Fund

GENERAL – home, car, debt consolidation, etc.

  • Andrews Sacks General Loan Fund
  • Berg & Shapiro Family Debt Consolidation Loan Fund
  • Block-Rabenowitz Founders’ Loan Fund
  • Ella &Harry Adler Maimonides Loan Fund
  • Mark A. Friedman Memorial Loan Fund for Jewish Communal Professionals
  • Rosenbluth Family Foundation Loan Fund


  • Drachler Family Loan Fund for Jewish Overnight Summer Camp
  • Estelle & Rabbi Philip Herbert Schechter z”l Memorial Loan Fund
  • Kriegsfeld Israel Experience Fund
  • Mesa Family Israel Fund
  • Samuel Kreisberger z”l Family, Faith and Education Loan Fund


  • Isabelle Appell Memorial Loan Fund
  • Barbara & Michael Bass Loan Fund for Mental Illness
  • Sol, Rhoda & Jonathan Benaderet z”l Medical Expense Loan Fund
  • Blau–Harel Family Medical Loan Fund
  • Jonathan & Spencer Perlman Medical Loan Fund
  • George Ritzer Emergency Loan Fund
  • Glazer & Bernstein Family Loan Fund
  • Diane & Jay Simons Medical Needs Loan Fund
  • Marcia & Max Weisberg Medical Loan Fund
  • Randy & Steve Weiss Medical Needs Fund
  • Wolf Family Parkinson’s and Dementia Loan Fund


  • Zeichick Family Loan Fund for Military Families and Veterans


  • Jewish Community Senior Needs Loan Fund


  • Bycer Family Business Development Loan Fund
  • Ina Levine Business Development Loan Fund
  • Milton Gross Memorial Business Loan Fund