Our Loans

The interest-free loans provided by Jewish Free Loan are possible because of the generosity of our donors – many of whom have chosen to establish Named Loan Funds to support the provision of loans in a certain category.  If you do not see a loan category that matches your financial need or your area of interest, please contact us at the JFL office: (602) 230-7983.

As JFL moves toward an unrestricted giving model, we will be sunsetting the establishment of new Named Loan Funds. All existing Named Loan Funds and those funds created by December 31st, 2020 will become part of the Founders Society. This society honors the individuals and families that help strengthen the foundation of our interest-free loan programs. All Named Loan Funds will continue to exist in perpetuity and donors will have the ability to make contributions to these loan funds.

Named Loan Funds can be established with a minimum donation of $20,000 (payable over a four-year period). For information about establishing a Named Loan Fund, please contact Aviva Levine, JFL’s Development Associate, at (602) 230-7983 or [email protected]


  • The Alexa and Ian Sachs Fertility Loan Fund
  • Fran & Al Sachs Jewish Adoption Loan Fund


  • Jewish Community Burial Loan Fund
  • Sylvia & Max Rubenstein Memorial Burial Loan Fund


  • Berg & Shapiro Family Debt Consolidation Loan Fund
  • The Curwin Family Emergency and Crisis Loan Fund
  • George Ritzer Emergency Loan Fund
  • Keren Or Loan Fund
  • Mesa Family Emergency Loan Fund
  • Molly Blank Fund Loan Fund
  • Nestor & Susan Guzman Families in Crisis Loan Fund
  • Rabbi Morton Malavsky z”l Memorial Loan Fund
  • SaraRuth & Bob* Rossow Women and Children in Crisis Loan Fund
  • Steve Weiss Emergency Crisis Loan Fund
  • Talia & Mitch Katz Emergency Loan Fund
  • William N. Ebersman Loan Fund for People in Crisis
  • Women and Children in Crisis Loan Fund

EDUCATION – Jewish & Secular

  • Arlene and Mike Treger Education Loan Fund
  • Daron and Ron* Barness Family Foundation College Education Loan Fund
  • Geyser Family Education Loan Fund
  • Hilary and Jake Tucker Education Loan Fund
  • Dr. Irving and Elaine Shapiro Jewish Education Loan Fund
  • Jean and Harold Grossman* Jewish Day School Loan Fund
  • Jerry and Annette Brezner Memorial Education Loan Fund
  • Jewish Preschool Loan Program
  • John Blutarsky Education Loan Fund
  • Klemens and Herta Stuckgold Education Loan Fund
  • Leonard and Phyllis Friedel Theatrical Arts Loan Fund
  • Mehl Memorial Student Loan Fund
  • Senkfor Family Educational Loan Fund


  • Jewish Community Disability Assistance/Special Needs Loan Fund

GENERAL – home, car, debt consolidation, etc.

  • Andrews Sacks General Loan Fund
  • Benaderet- Sol, Rhonda & Jonathan Benaderet z”l Loan Fund
  • Block-Rabenowitz Founders’ Loan Fund
  • Ella & Harry Adler Maimonides Loan Fund
  • Levitt-Sheinbein Family Loan Fund
  • Mark A. Friedman Memorial Loan Fund for Jewish Communal Professionals
  • Rosenbluth Family Foundation Loan Fund


  • Drachler Family Loan Fund for Jewish Overnight Summer Camp
  • Estelle & Rabbi Philip Herbert Schechter z”l Memorial Loan Fund
  • Kriegsfeld Israel Experience Fund
  • Levitt Sheinbein Family Loan Fund
  • Mesa Family Israel Fund
  • Samuel Kreisberger z”l Family, Faith and Education Loan Fund


  • Selma Fiel* Fund for the Future


  • Barbara & Michael Bass Loan Fund for Mental Illness
  • Blau–Harel Family Medical Loan Fund
  • Diane & Jay Simons Medical Needs Loan Fund
  • Bernstein Glazer Family Loan Fund
  • Isabelle Appell Memorial Loan Fund
  • Jonathan & Spencer Perlman Medical Loan Fund
  • Marcia & Max* Weisberg Medical Loan Fund
  • Steve Weiss Medical Needs Loan Fund
  • Wolf Family Parkinson’s and Dementia Loan Fund


  • Zeichick Family Loan Fund for Military Families and Veterans


  • Jewish Community Special Needs & Disability Assistance Loan Fund


  • Bycer Family Business Development Loan Fund
  • Ina Levine Business Development Loan Fund
  • Milton Gross Memorial Business Loan Fund

*of blessed memory