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November 6, 2020

JFL Transitions to Unrestricted Giving Model

​Jewish Free Loan, a provider of interest-free loans to Jewish Arizona residents, dedicated to helping create a thriving and financially secure Arizona Jewish community, would like to remind the public about the establishment of the Founders Society as part of its transition to an unrestricted giving model.

“As the needs of the community evolve and change, including immediate demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic, JFL is adjusting its giving model so we can be as responsive as possible to the ever-changing needs of the community,” says Ellen Friedman Sacks, Executive Director of JFL.

As part of this transition, JFL will be sunsetting the establishment of new Named Loan Funds. All existing Named Loan Funds, including those created by December 31st, 2020, will become part of the Founders Society. This society honors the individuals and families that help strengthen the foundation of our interest-free loan programs. All Named Loan Funds will continue to exist in perpetuity and donors will continue to have the ability to make contributions to these loan funds.

Establish your loan fund today! For more information, contact JFL Development Associate, Aviva Levine at [email protected]​ or 602-230-7983.

For more information about Jewish Free Loan and our interest-free loan programs, please call the office at 602-230-7983 or email ​​[email protected]. Readers can also visit ​​ or find JFL on Instagram @jfl.phoenix​.