Jewish Free Loan provides interest-free loans to Arizona’s Jewish community.


A thriving and financially secure Arizona Jewish community.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded primarily by individual donations.  EIN# 86-6052446 / AZ CTC QCO code: 20362


  • "JFL has enabled me to pay my rent and give me the time needed to find a small part time teaching job to replace the one I lost due to the Coronavirus. I am extremely thankful to JFL."  
    -Community-Wide Disaster Relief Loan Recipient 
  • "I am honored to give to Jewish Free Loan as a volunteer, board member, legacy society member and donor.  As a board member, I have seen first-hand the wonderful work that takes place at JFL when staff, volunteers and community come together to offer assistance to people in need, with the goal of helping them lead more rewarding lives.  Everyone’s lives become richer and stronger when we weave our values and traditions together. Contributing to the growth of Jewish Free Loan brings joy and deepens my appreciation of Judaism and the importance of our community."  
    -Laura Drachler, JFL Board Member
  • “My family didn’t qualify for traditional financial aid. It was frustrating dealing with trying to figure out how to pay for an out-of-state school, until I found out about Jewish Free Loan at a presentation at religious school at Congregation Beth Israel. My interest-free loan has given me the ability to take responsibility for my education. Not only has JFL made me feel much more invested in my learning, it has also kept me highly involved in the Jewish community through philanthropy.”
    -Riley Grimes, Student Loan Recipient